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Beauty Treatments


Gives fair brows and lashes fantastic definition without the use of make up. perfect for holidays. Black, Blue, Brown or Grey. Patch Test required minimum of 24 hours before

Lash Tint 25 mins £11

perfect for the fuller lash effect without mascara

Brow tint 15 mins £6.50

Brows appear fuller , why not add a brow tidy to complete the perfect look

Lash and Brow 30 mins £15.50

Brow Design

Beautiful brows can make such a difference, They can transform tired eyes making you look more youthfull.

Brow rehab 20 mins £10.50

for overgrown brows, Waxing , Tweezing , Trimming and shading for brows in need of a complete reshape. follow up appointments will only need a brow tidy appointment

Brow Tidy 15 mins £6.50

Waxing and Tweezing

Hollywood Eyes 30 mins £20

An all inclusive Eye Treatment for a complete Lash and Brow make over giving you celebrity " High Definition Eyes" Lash and Brow Tinting, Tweezing, Shading , Trimming, and Waxing. Patch test required minimum of 24 hours before

H.D. Eyebrows 20 mins £16

High definition eye brows. the bang-on-trend celebrity look for brows

Guy Brows 20 mins £10

Geordie shore eat-your-heart-out Our northants boys are just as HOT . wye eye dont forget your guy brows Lads

Scoucer Brows 20 mins £16

For those of you brave enough to wear the strong black brows with blonde hair NORTH WEST stylie. av it.