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Female Waxing

Northamptonshire's 1st Specialist Waxing Salon.
Unlike your standard beauty Salon We "Specialise in Hair Removal" Joanne, Our Wax Technician and the owner of the salon has over 10 years experience in the beauty trade and is highly skilled in the art of Male and Female waxing.
We have a complex range of over 12 Premium Waxes to suit the Individual Hair of Individual People.
We offer Premium Treatments and are able to wax body parts that you might not of thought possible.
You wont believe it until you try it.
" The best wax iv ever had " something we hear a lot from our clients.
We use superiour products and only the finest french and American Waxes which we specially blend to create our own exclusive Wax. You wont find our conbination at any other salon as we keep our blend top secret.
Our latest High-Tec non strip wax is used for all delicate areas of the body including all facial areas, underarms and all intimate waxing (Brazilians/Hollywoods) This wax shrink wraps the hair and does not stick to skin making your treatment much less traumatic on your skin and so less painfull.
All our waxes are 100% natural and made from bees wax and plant extracts but for those of you with skin allergies we also offer a synthetic wax which is completely hypoallergenic. Your requirements will be discussed during your consultation
Please arrive for your treatment with fresh and clean skin to avoid the risk of infection. The hair Folicles are open for the next few hours after your wax so heat treatments of any kind should be avoided for 24 hours including sunbeds, saunas and swimming. No perfume or deoderant should be used on freshly waxed skin for at least 24 hours. Avoid becoming sweaty if the weather is hot as this can cause bacteria on your skin which could lead to a rash. Wear loose light clothing to let your skin breath after treatment. Fresh items of clothing to put on after your wax

facial Waxing

Brow Rehab 20 mins £10

for very overgrown brows in need of a complete reshape

Brow Tidy ( maintenance ) 10 mins £6.50
Upper Lip 5 mins £6.50
Chin 5 mins £6.50
Side of Face 10 mins £6.50
nostrils 10 mins £6.50

Arm Waxing

Please avoid deoderant on freshly waxed skin for the next 12-24 hours

Half Arm 20 mins £10.50
Under Arm 15 mins £10.50

Leg Waxing

We do use strip wax occasionally but only on legs, hair needs to be 1/2 cm long to wax sucsessfully

Full leg 45 mins £35

please inform us when booking if you have any medical conditions such as polycystic syndrome as this will need a longer apointment time

Half leg 30 mins £16.50

Bikini Waxing

this treatment is a little more ouchy if the hair is very long so if you would prefer to trim the length it does help. Some Ladies suffer from ingrown hair in this area, its usually caused by friction from underwear. excess oil and dead skin cell blocking the hair folicle so the hair can not break through the skin. the hair continues to grow under the skin causing a red lump and irritation. We Highly recommend using our Special lotion for ingrown hair which we sell at reception, this stops rashes and helps ingrown hairs to break through

Basic Bikini 15 mins £10.50

no need to trim for this, very quick and painless, front side and top of pant area is waxed

G. String 20 mins £16

pants worn but pulled up higher, lower at the top , sides and underneath are waxed

Brazilian 45 mins £26.25

no pants worn, a narrow strip of hair is all thats left on the pubic bone. hair on labia and anus is completely removed . not for the faint hearted but the results are amazing. if your worried it might be too painfull, 2 paracetamol 20 mins befor your appointment can help

Hollywood 45 mins £26.25

All hair completely removed