Male Treatments

Northamptonshire's 1st Specialist Male Waxing Salon.

Unlike your standard beauty Salon We "Specialise in Hair Removal" Joanne, Our Wax Technician and the owner of the salon has over 14 years experience in the beauty trade and is highly skilled in the art of Male waxing.

We offer Premium Treatments and are able to wax body parts that you might not of thought possible.
You wont believe it until you try it
" The best wax I've ever had " something we here a lot from our clients.

We use superiour products and only the finest wax available.
All our waxes are 100% natural and made from bees wax and plant extracts

After your Wax and for the next 24 hours - avoid sunbeds, saunas & steam rooms. wear loose cool clothing on the waxed area and avoid getting swetty. waxing exposes new delicate skin and you can get very sore if you do not treat your skin with care, avoid perfumed soaps, deoderants and body sprays as this can irritate and please avoid public swimming pools as your hair folicles will be open and your skin could become infected

Facial waxing

Brow Rehab 15 mins £8.50

for very overgrown brows in need of a total reshape

Brow tidy 10 mins £6.50
Ears (inside ear and lobe) 10 mins £8
Nostrils 10 mins £6.50

painless ! we know plucking one hair makes your eyes water but you will be honestly amazed

Body Waxing

Chest and Stomach Wax 10 mins £22.50

Including front neck & shoulders

Chest only Wax 30 mins £15

Including front neck & shoulders

Full Back Wax 40 mins £22.50

Including lower back, back of the neck and rear shoulders

Lower Back Wax 10 mins £10
Under arm wax 15 mins £12
Full Leg Wax 1 hour £35
Back Cleanse 30 mins £25