Nail Enhancements

We dont do nail extensions. Why? Because we believe in beautiful natural nails. Our products will not damage your nails in any way shape of form. Our amazing range of nail enhancements will strengthen your own nails so they grow on there own, say goodbye to old fashioned plastic tips and thick sculptured acrylic nails. Chip proof, smudge proof and an impressive colour range that lasts 3 weeks. No nasty fumes just your own gorgeous nails.

fingers and toes

Flexible protection in an outstanding range of coloured or french finishes. No chipping, no smudging. Profesional removal required.

Gelish Manicure 45 mins £20

Colour or french. Lasts up to 3 weeks without chipping, protects the nails from breaking, gorgeous high gloss shine. Can be removed without nail damage.

Nail Art 10 mins £2.50 - £10

We offer a range of nail art. Hand painted, stamped and rockstar nail all available. please state when booking if you would like nail art so the appropriate time slot can be booked.

Gelish toes 45 mins £20
soak off 20 mins £5

Your gelish will need profesional removal to avoid damage caused to the nail.

Fingers& Toes 1 hour 15 mins £35

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