Spray Tan

Tantastic is proud to be the very first Salon in Wellingborough to have introduced Spray tan back in 2002.
Each spray tan is applied by our Expert Tecnician with over 11years experience (not a automatic spray booth) The photo you see here is our actual Tantastic Dark spray tan straight after application, as you can see its amazing.

We carefully choose a shade suitable for you depending on your skin tone and equally important the occasion that you require your spray tan for. Application takes only 10 minutes and you will leave looking like you just stepped off the plane from somewhere exotic. Over the next 8 hours your tan will develop into the full effect and all you need to do is rinse off the solution we applied after 8 hours if you chose the Standard Tan or only 2-4 hours for the Rapid Tan, apply your favorite moisturiser and your done. 

Your Tan will last approx 1 week to 10 days and fades natrally, When the tan is on its last stage of fading  and nearly all gone you may find ocasional darker patches in places where friction from clothing occures, gently rubbing the darker area with a baby wipe usually fixes this problem.

Its very important to prep your skin before your spray tan. You will need to do any hair removal 24 hours before and aslo exfoliate your skin, pay attention to feet, elbows and and dry areas. Arrive for your tan with clean un moisturised skin and no deoderant or make up. Wear loose dark clothing and flip flops other wise you risk messing up your fresh tan while your getting dressed after application. If its raining please make sure you cover up when you leave or you may well get white spots from the rain (Flip flops wont be appropriate in the rain) You must keep dry for the next few hours at home and avoid becoming sweaty if its a hot day as this can leave your new tan streaky.

 A small deposit may be required for group bookings at busy times

Spray Tan for the girls (senior technician) 10 mins £15

4 shades. light , medium, dark and extra dark. ~We stock several brands of spray tan including our new solution with no developmant odour. suitable for everyone - very light skin to olive tones. 6-8 hour development time. Express tan available for last minute apointments. 2-4 hour development time.

Spray Tan for the guys (senior technician) 15 mins £16.50

extra amounts of spray tan are usually needed for the guys due to body hair and height so this is reflected in the price

Spray tan special offer (junior technician) 15 mins £10

Applied by our experienced junior technician.